The Big Foozle!

How do professional musicians know so many songs? How do you get your repertoire up to the hundreds of tunes required for regular gigs? How do you make those songs sound great in a band, and where do you start when writing songs?

These questions and many more are answered in the Music Made Easy course. Over four Sundays you will learn simple and effective methods to learn songs, retain the knowledge of those songs as your repertoire grows, perform them effectively with other musicans, and even utilise music theory to beign writing your own songs.

Perfect for those following on from the Music In Live Performance course, and for first timers, Music Made Easy will give you an invaluable boost as a gigging musician.


Course runs over 4 Sundays through August and September 2015:

August 16 and 30, September 13 and 27

Epping Hotel

3pm - 445pm (Just before Open Mic)





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